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  1. (1) Who We Are & Our Goal
  2. (2) Our Products & Commitment
  3. (3) What Makes Us Different
  4. (4) Our Story



(1) Who We Are & Our Goal


We are Burt And Paula Jones, together We Are

Burts Remedies





(See Our Story further down this page.)  


Burt's RemediesOur intentions are for you and your family to become as knowledgeable as possible about your own health and what you can do to make it better.  


This is our goal and we hope it is yours too.

No, we don’t have all the answers, we wish that we did.

What we do know we want to share with you. We want to assist you if at all possible, so that you can make good and responsible healthcare choices and decisions.

If you have any questions about a product or the use of a product in conjunction with your health issues,
please feel free to E-Mail or call us



(2)  Our Products & Commitment

Our commitment is to assure our customers of Top Quality Unique Products.


All of our products meet the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and fall into the approved category as G.R.A.S. status (Generally Referred to As Safe).




OUR Vitamins & Supplements are manufactured with 100% Natural

Ingredients and contain NO Artificial Flavors, Colors, Chemicals, Additives, Binders, Dyes, Gelatins, Capsule Materials, Fillers, Starch, Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, or Yeast.





We are committed to bring you and your family the very best service and information available.Burt's Remedies
n our site there is a description of each Burt’s Remedies supplement we carry. The product description will include a list of ingredients, an overview, its health benefits as well as its suggested use, and dosage. These products may contain warnings if there is a known contraindication with other medications or supplements. 





WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT Safety is a top priority with us.

We always suggest consulting with your doctor first if there is any contraindications with the medications you are taking. 

Our products are listed by categories under health care concerns. We will be showing our featured products on the home page at a discount price. Be sure to take advantage of our sale price while our product is being featured.

Burt's RemediesBecause of PUBLIC demand, we are happy to say that more and more medical doctors in the conventional (allopathic) field of medicine are now taking an interest in integrative natural products as an alternative or conjunctive to mainstream medicine.

Due to better patient and doctor awareness to the problem of complications and side effects related to prescription drugs, physicians are realizing the need to make use of integrative medicine to satisfy the needs of the many patients calling upon them for answers.

We are hopeful that information on this website will help doctors, health care professionals, and you the patient to address this exigency. (Something requiring pressing or immediate action) We feel strongly that by putting the welfare of the customer first and foremost, there is a place for both the conventional (allopathic) and alternative integrative approach to health care.

We are encouraging you to get your physician involvedLet them know what products are available, and why and how it works successfully from what you read and researched along with what you have personally experienced.

At Burt’s Remedies we really take pride in helping you to restore your health.



(3) What Makes Us Different


Burt's RemediesWe are medical professional with over 25 years’ experience. We felt it was time to reach out to those of you surfing the internet looking for assistance with natural alternative or integrative products and protocols. 
We want to bring YOU and YOUR FAMILY professionalism and unparalleled personalized health care assistance. 
No we don’t have all the answers, but we will do our very best to help you find what you want and need in way of products and suggested protocols that may address your health concerns.

We know our products.

We have tested their credibility and why these products work. 
Our products support the power of science behind them. 
We usually can supply testimonies when requested. For those of you out there, who have almost given up looking for answers, especially when it comes to catastrophic diseases, please don’t give up. 
We recognize that taking care of your health can not only be a monumental challenge but a huge investment as well.






(4) Our Story

First, let me tell you about myself. My name is Burt Jones. Obviously, this is where our Product line of “Burt’s Remedies” got its name from. I am a graduate of Great Lakes College of Mechanotherapy and Medical Massage in the state of Ohio and currently licensed through the Ohio State Medical Board. I have been a health care professional for over 25 years now. In those years I have personally used and continue to use many of these products myself. 

We are a family owned and operated business.

We know all about family. YOUR family is important to us.

We operate our business on a friendly, personable level. You are not just a number to us, or a person without a face. We truly will do what we can to help you. We have been working with integrative health care products for as long as I have been in practice and business.


Although we are all about alternative health care, we are certainly not against conventional allopathic main stream medicine. 

We try our best to encourage our clients to work with their medical doctor if at all possible. We know that realistically there can be a strong barrier between conventional and non-conventional methods of approach in dealing with health problems and health interests. In spite of that fact, we still recommend to our clients and customers that the best way to approach their health issues is to combine the best of both worlds. We know from experience that there can be a compatible interplay between main stream medicine and integrative health care, so that you the patient can come off as a victor. What really matters though is YOUR part in becoming involved and taking responsibility for your own health.

Both my wife and I know from personal experience what it is like to face serious health problems, and not know who or where to turn to for advise and treatment. My wife has dealt with serious health issues for many years and had to undergo various surgeries several times. Our youngest daughter has multiple sclerosis, and I am a cancer survivor.

Needless to say, over the years our interest in alternative and integrative medicine has grown by leaps and bounds. As a cancer survivor myself, I have had a keen interest in treating my cancer with both conventional and non-conventional methods. I have been fortunate to have a good M.D. to work with me, and a good D.O. alternative doctor, who got me on the road to taking better care of myself through a healthier diet and a non-drug approach to my health issues. This is why I can truthfully say that both conventional and non-conventional methods can work successfully together if you have the right help from your doctor and health care provider.


I am about twelve years cancer free.



Like any health care provider, I have always been looking for better ways to serve my clients/patients when it comes to their health care needs. We have come to appreciate that most people want to enjoy better health through a non-drug approach. However, some feel they lack the knowledge of how to go about it or lack the time to acquire the knowledge they need for a non-drug approach. Some need help in getting the direction and suggested products they need.

We feel strongly that there is a need to reach people who are searching for someone like US, who can direct them to products and suggested protocols that relates to their specific health care needs.




Burt and Paula Jones