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We have been using supplements from Burt’s Remedies for almost 10 years now.  No matter what our health concern has been, the folks at Burt’s Remedies office have been able to take care of all of our needs.  My husband James had a growth on his pancreas and we took the supplements they recommended and when we went back 3 months later for a second scan the growth was gone.  James has stayed on a regimen of specific supplements since then and all his scans have been good.  I have had severe muscle pain and cramping and after using their transdermal magnesium spray my pain is so much better!

James. E. and Kay E.     Cleveland, OH



After finding out I had shingles I immediately consulted with Burt’s Remedies and took the recommended supplements.  My shingles disappeared in less than a week and so did the pain.  I would highly recommend Burt’s Remedies. 

C. D.   Madison, OH



I have been using Burt’s Remedies for many years.  I had a problem with high cholesterol and high homocystein.  After following the protocol recommended by Burt’s Remedies, I am happy to say my blood work is now coming back with good numbers.  My family doctor is very pleased with my latest blood work.  I am glad I used  Burt’s Remedies.

S. M.     Madison, OH


Burt’s Remedies has helped me for several years now with almost every health issue that has come up.  Burt’s Remedies is always friendly, courteous, and full of information that applies to my particular health concern.  I have an auto immune disorder that they have helped me with and my yearly scans have been very good.  They also always encourage me to keep in contact with my medical doctor and not to forget to consult with my doctor and keep him aware of what supplements I do take.

Sue Lethco     Charlotte, NC


I have recommended Burt’s Remedies for many years.  They have helped me with several health issues.  I called them from out of state when on vacation and they shipped exactly what I needed for a serious cough accompanied by serious weight loss.  They are so well informed and up to date on just about any health concern and that’s why I always refer to them for everything.

Kathy  M.    Kirtland, OH


I suffer with scleroderma and Burt’s Remedies has really helped me to get my pain under control.  I have not had as much stiffness and that is such a relief.  I also breed and sell Yorkie puppies and Burt’s Remedies has helped with me to get rid of one of my  Yorkie’s cancer.  They are as good with animals as they are with people.

Merry Lilly  Williamstown, WV


My wife has used Burt’s Remedies for many years, so when I developed a low energy problem, they came through with a product that has really helped me. 

Rick M.   Kirtland, OH


A friend told me to try Burt’s Remedies to help my favorite dog Starr, who had cancer.  They have done a great job and Star has been cancer free for more than a year now. 

F. S.    Cleveland, OH


I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in 2005.  Burts Remedies helped me to learn how to change my diet, and help my pH to become more alkaline.  They also told me about supplements that would help my radiation to be more effective and avoid any burning from the radiation.

Ron  Babic    Concord, OH


I needed help in finding quality supplements to help my young children with their immune system through the winter months when flu is so prevalent.  Burt’s Remedies made suggestions that have worked very well and my children have been healthier this winter as compared to other winters.

M. B.   Lyndhurst, OH


I am a breast cancer survivor and I wanted help in learning what would improve my immune system, how to improve my diet, and what supplements would specifically be good to fight cancer and particularly breast cancer.  Burts Remedies has worked with me for 2 and a half years  and I feel stronger and better than ever.  I am happy to say that my cancer markers are continuing to come back in normal range.  Burt’s Remedies always reminds me to never forget to go for my scheduled appointments with my doctor. 

M. D.    Cleveland, OH


I have had diabetes for years and even with insulin injections I could not keep my sugar under control.  Burt’s Remedies helped me to know which dietary changes I needed to make and recommended supplements to help control my blood sugar levels.  I am happy to say that my medical doctor has been able to lower my insulin dose by more than half because my fasting blood sugar has remained consistently lower for over a year.  This is something I have never accomplished with being faithful in taking my insulin, so I am very grateful to Burt’s Remedies.

S. D.   Madison, OH


Burt’s Remedies recommended a supplement that has been very effective in helping my arthritis pain to almost disappear.  Thanks for helping me to get out of pain and discomfort so I can do a better job at work.

B. T.   Montville, OH


I am a runner and I needed to find something to help my legs with stamina and less muscle cramping.  Burt’s Remedies made a couple of suggestions and my stamina is much improved, and the leg cramps were relieved as soon as I used the suggested products from Burt’s Remedies.  Now I can concentrate on performing better!  Thanks!

B. Y.  Chardon, OH



Burt's Remedies recommended Cortisol Manager by Integrative Therapeutics to help me with sleeping and nightmares, which were occurring two weeks before my cycle.  This was a real problem for me.  When I started on the Cortisol Manager the symptoms were resolved and when I ran out of the supplement, the symptoms returned.  I would highly recommend this product and also I would recommend Burt's Remedies as a company to work with.


Amy K.  Mentor, Ohio